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The Importance Of Digital Analytics Events For Your Business

Events; “things that happen or take place, especially ones of importance” as defined by English Oxford Dictionary. This in itself is a good explanation of a basic idea for an event, easy enough to understand as an “offline” concept and translated quite literally for “online” application. OK so you knew that already, now let’s [...]

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How AWESOME is kinetic typography!?

When choosing the video type for this company video, we wanted something that was apparent and appealing to a wide range of businesses and people. Available for small to large companies alike to, realize the value of taking control of their data and how Rorqual Analytics can help. With this in mind, we went with [...]

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Digital Analytics, what is it and why is it important for your business? Part Two

Implementing and undertaking analytics of your website’s data is not a small or menial task. Although it is a necessary one. Survey's today show that daily internet usage plays a significant role in the everyday lives of consumers. Only when developing a strategy to fit your unique business goals or objectives. Can the potential and [...]

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Digital Analytics, what is it and why is it important for your business? Part One

The business world is changing. The need to understand your audience is on the increase. Creating a demand for real-time analytics and the statistical data it can provide. Explore how digital data and its analysis can affect your business. The benefits of implementing a digital strategy to delve into the online environment. Learn the importance [...]

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