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What We Do

Rorqual Analytics helps web sites and online campaigns, by analyzing statistical data and providing companies with a confirmed marketing direction. We work with businesses that desire to obtain and analyse the invaluable data and the wealth of resounding statistical evidence available form their business’s website.

Producing results on how their web site and campaign’s are performing, while using comparative industry benchmarking to make sure businesses are competing with other business online platforms in there industry today.

Introducing companies to the value of segmentation and allowing business to truly begin to meet and explore your audience, providing valuable data towards obtaining targeted business objectives and meeting pre-defined business goals through strategies, as well as offering recommended actions to rectify any problem areas highlighted through the analytical data of your web site and calibrate campaign’s to your optimum target market, boosting performance and gaining your business return on investment.

The Business Needs We Meet

  • Analysis of monthly data returned from online platform.

  • Timeous reporting that easily conveys monthly performance.

  • Pinpointing weaknesses on said online platform and providing recommendations for improvement.

  • Detailed outline of both online and offline campaign data results. Where applicable

  • Segmented and targeted marketing by location and or audience type.

  • Measurement of outlined business goals performance.

  • Monitoring of selected elements to gauge visitor interaction.

  • A service that provides affordable value for your business.